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BrandingA Investigate the role of branding in a selected businessA1 Principles of brandingA2 Brand as an assetA3 Benefits and drawbacks of branding for a businessB Review how branding is used by a selected businessB1 Branding as part of business strategyB2 Brand designB3 Factors influencing branding activitiesC Recommend changes to a brand for an existing productC1 Challenges of managing brandsC2 Changing a brandDigital marketingA Examine the role of digital marketing within the broader marketing mixA1 Digital marketing in the marketing functionA2 How the digital communication is deliveredA3 Devices for displaying digital communicationsB Investigate the effectiveness of existing digital marketing campaignsB1 Digital marketing objectivesB2 Digital strategies to meet target objectivesB3 Return on investment compensation modelsB4 Benefits and concerns of online advertisingC Develop a digital marketing campaign for a selected product or brandC1 Marketing planning processC2 Integration in the wider marketing and promotional mix


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Lesgeld/cursuskosten: EUR 925
Studiemateriaal: EUR 75

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Brands surround us in our everyday lives. Brands can help give people identity and image. Marketing is often brand driven, with the objective of establishing a product (good or service) with a separate identity in consumers? minds, making the product desirable, wanted and even needed. Messages are carefully crafted to build customer views and expectations of the products associated with the brand.
Constant advances in digital-based processes and systems, and changes in customer behaviour and their use of social media, present a challenge to maintain, develop or reinforce brand identity.

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing is much broader than just webshops and e-commerce. Think of Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Advertising, Social Media, Google Analytics and Google Adwords.
It is important to understand the role of digital marketing in identifying and satisfying customers. Therefore the focus is on the purpose of digital marketing, the specific aims and objectives, the benefits of, and concerns about, digital marketing. Using the different delivery methods and key performance indicators (KPIs) to evaluate the success of the digital message.

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