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Inhoud van de cursus

SQL Server 2016 Database Objects
Course: 1 Hour, 48 Minutes

Course Introduction
Creating Tables
Dropping Tables
Altering Tables
Adding and Removing Columns
Duplicating Tables
Renaming Tables
Naming Conventions

Microsoft SQL Server 2016: Developing
Course: 2 Hours, 5 Minutes

Course Introduction
Index Design Basics
Tables Without Clustered Indexes
Clustered vs. Nonclustered Indexes
Creating Clustered Indexes
Creating Nonclustered Indexes
Creating Unique Indexes
Creating Filtered Indexes
Creating Indexes with Included Columns
Deleting Indexes
Modifying Indexes

Microsoft SQL Server 2016: Developing
Course: 1 Hour, 33 Minutes

Course Introduction
Columnstore Index Overview
When to Implement a Columnstore Index
Creating a Clustered Columnstore Index
Columnstore Indexes Data Loading
Columnstore Versioned Feature Summary
Columnstore Indexes Query Performance
Columnstore for Real-time Operational Analytics
Columnstore Indexes for Data Warehousing
Columnstore Indexes Defragmentation

Microsoft SQL Server 2016: Developing
Course: 2 Hours, 29 Minutes

Course Introduction
Types of Data Integrity
Enforcing Data Integrity
Entity and Referential Integrity

Microsoft SQL Server 2016: Developing Triggers and Functions
Course: 1 Hour, 55 Minutes

Course Introduction
Creating DML Triggers
Creating CLR Triggers
DML Trigger Security
Implementing DDL Triggers
Gathering DDL Trigger Information
DDL Events and Event Groups
Implementing Triggers
Specifying First and Last Trigger
Managing Transactions in Logon Triggers
Disabling Logon Triggers
AFTER Trigger

Microsoft SQL Server 2016: Developing
Course: 1 Hour, 43 Minutes

Course Introduction1
DML Statements and Transactions
Transactions in High-concurrency Databases
Explicit Transactions
Implicit Transactions

Microsoft SQL Server 2016: Developing
Course: 1 Hour, 47 Minutes

Course Introduction
Locking Basics
Concurrency Effects
Understanding Deadlocks
Minimizing Deadlocks
Handling Deadlocks
Remediating Deadlocks
Troubleshooting Locking Issues
Lock Escalation Behavior

Microsoft SQL Server 2016: Developing
Course: 1 Hour, 59 Minutes

Course Introduction
Creating Statistics
Modifying Statistics
Viewing Statistics Properties
Updating Statistics
Maintenance Tasks

Microsoft SQL Server 2016: Developing
Course: 2 Hours, 12 Minutes

Course Introduction
Resource Governor
Enabling Resource Governor
Configuring Resource Governor
Creating a Resource Pool
Creating a Workload Group
Disabling Resource Governor
Memory Configuration

Microsoft SQL Server 2016: Developing
Course: 2 Hours, 7 Minutes

Course Introduction
Performance Metrics
Performance Baseline
Performance Monitor
Dynamic Management Objects
Troubleshooting Performance Issues
Azure SQL Database Performance

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The Training Developing SQL Databases 70-762 through a Special Certification Package. 1 Year access to revolutionary E-learning to pass the exam Easily. Get Introduced by Learning through 1 Learning Portal (LMS) with Certified Teachers. Exclusive 24/7 Online Mentor and Challenging Course Testing and View behind the scenes all Tips & Tricks.
Always guaranteed the Official Test Exam and after the Training an Official Certificate of Participation. Optional Livelabs (extra charge).

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