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Architecture and Deployment Options
53 Minutes

Course Introduction
Standard Deployment Solution
Mail Processing
System Roles
Edge Protection
Outlook Client Communication
Hybrid Deployment
The Role-based Access Control Model

Plan the Mailbox Server
35 Minutes

Planning Database Size and Performance
Deploying Mailbox Server Roles
Archive Mailbox Capacity/Placement
Planning to Virtualize Exchange 2016
Public Folder Capacity/Placement
Public Folder Planning Considerations
JetStress Utility

Manage Solutions for Mailbox Databases
52 Minutes

Identification, Investigation, and Mitigation
Create and Configure a DAG
DAG Architecture
Cluster Quorum (Part 1)
Cluster Quorum (Part 2)
DAG Deployment Process
Manage DAG Networks
Troubleshoot DAG Networks

Practice: Installing Exchange
52 Minutes

Exercise: Prepare AD and Install Exchange
Exercise: Configure DAG NIC Properties

Collaboration in Exchange 2016
Configure and Manage the Mailbox Server
32 Minutes

Course Introduction
Architectural Planning
Addresses and Address Management
Create and Configure an Offline Address Book
Create and Configure Public Folders
Moving a Public Folder Item
Migrate Public Folders

Create and Configure Mail-enabled Objects
1 Hour, 4 Minutes

Collaboration within Exchange 2013
Recipients in Exchange 2016
Configure Resource Mailboxes and Scheduling (Part 1)
Configure Resource Mailboxes and Scheduling (Part 2)
Distribution Groups (Part 1)
Distribution Groups (Part 2)
Distribution Group Naming Policy
Linked Mailboxes (Part 1)
Linked Mailboxes (Part 2)
Site Mailboxes

Manage Mail-enabled Object Permissions
33 Minutes

Mailbox Permissions
Using the EMS to Manage Folder Permissions (Part 1)
Using the EMS to Manage Folder Permissions (Part 2)
Configure Mailbox Permissions
Set Up Room Mailbox Delegation
Exercise: Create a Distribution Group

Practice: Room Mailbox Delegation
2 Minutes

Exercise: Set Up Room Mailbox Delegation

Recovery Strategies And Client Access Services
Develop Backup and Recovery Solutions
1 Hour, 3 Minutes

Course Introduction
Manage Lagged Mailbox Database Copies
Activate Lagged Mailbox Database Copy (Procedure 1)
Activate Lagged Mailbox Database Copy (Procedure 2)
Activate Lagged Mailbox Database Copy (Procedure 3)
Backup and Restore Solutions and Strategies
Exchange Server Recovery
Recovering Mailbox Databases
Setting Item-Level Recovery (Part 1)
Setting Item-Level Recovery (Part 2)
In-Place Hold (Planning)
Recover the Public Folder Hierarchy & Public Folders
Perform a Dial Tone Restore

Manage MBX Client Access Services (CAS)
1 Hour, 5 Minutes

Differences between Legacy CAS and Exchange CAS
Interaction between CAS and Mailbox Services
Virtual Directories (Part 1)
Virtual Directories (Part 2)
Client Communication Process (Part 1)
Client Communication Process (Part 2)
Outlook Connectivity to the Exchange 2016 Solution
Autodiscover Service Operation
CAS Configuration and Management Tasks
Configure Office Online Server (OOS)

Practice: Set Internal and External URLs
2 Minutes

Exercise: Using the Exchange Recover Server Option

Security Strategies
Security Strategies
1 Hour, 31 Minutes

Course Introduction
Plan and Manage RBAC (Part 1)
Plan and Manage RBAC (Part 2)
Plan and Manage RBAC (Part 3)
RBAC and Active Directory Split Permissions
Configure Delegated Setup
Smart Card Overview
Plan and Configure Message Encryption for Office 365
Plan and Configure EOP Advanced Threat Protection
Plan and Configure Information Rights Management
Plan and Create Transport Protection Rules
Plan and Create Outlook Protection Rules (EMS Only)
Configure Transport Decryption
Configure Journal Decryption
Plan and Configure IRM for eDiscovery
Troubleshoot Failed IRM Protection
Exercise: Configure the Scope of an RBAC Group

Configure and Manage Transport
36 Minutes

Configuring an Edge Transport Server
Configure Send/Receive Connectors
Transport Rules
Configure Accepted Domains
E-mail Address Policy
EMS cmdlets
EMS Deployment and Configuration

Practice: Configuring a Transport Rule
3 Minutes

Exercise: Configure a Transport Rule

Design and Secure Remote Access and Multiple Namespaces Solutions
Configure Namespaces and Client Services
44 Minutes

Course Introduction
Design Namespaces for Client Connectivity
Configure URLs (Part 1)
Configure URLs (Part 2)
Configuring the Outlook Web Application (OWA) URLs
Configuration Script Examples
Plan for Certificates
Using the EMS to Configure Authentication

Deploy and Manage Mobility Solutions
13 Minutes

Deploy Mobile OOTW and Configure OWA Policy
Applying and Disassociating OWA Policy Using the EAC
Mobile Device Access Policies

Exchange 2016 Load Balancing Best Practice
8 Minutes

Implement Load Balancing (Part 1)
Implement Load Balancing (Part 2)
Multiple Namespaces with No Session Affinity

Design a Transport Solution
37 Minutes

Delivery Groups
Exchange Mail Flow
Design Intersite Mail Flow (Routing)
Design Intersite Mail Flow (Site Links)
Managing Site Link Cost and Hub Sites
Design Interorganization Mail Flow
Edge Transport
Antispam Management
Server-hosted Antivirus Applications
Design Shared Namespace Scenarios

Practice: Applying OWA Mailbox Policies
44 Minutes

Exercise: Apply OWA Mailbox Policies
Exercise: Set Internal and External URLs

Understanding Mailflow and Auditing
Plan a High Availability Solution
44 Minutes

Course Introduction
Set Up Redundancy for Intra-site Scenarios (Part 1)
Set Up Redundancy for Intra-site Scenarios (Part 2)
Exchange 2016 Transport - Architecture
Mail Flow from External SMTP - No Edge Transports
Mail Flow from External SMTP with Edge Transports
Mail Flow to External SMTP - No Edge Transports
Mail Flow to External SMTP with Edge Transports
Transport High Availability Boundary
Shadow Redundancy
Shadow Redundancy Components
Safety Net Operation
MX Record Resilience (Part 1)
MX Record Resilience (Part 2)

Administrative Auditing
33 Minutes

Ethical Wall
Ethical Wall with Distribution Groups (Part 1)
Ethical Wall with Distribution Groups (Part 2)
Transport Rules
Create, Configure, and Deploy Message Classifications
Configure MailTips Screen Shot
Configure Mailbox Audit Logging
Search the MailboxAuditLog
Administrative Mailbox Audit Logging
Audit Log Fields
Exercise: Search Audit Logs

Practice: MX Record Redundancy
4 Minutes

Exercise: Configure MX Record Resilience

Message Records Management
Data Loss Prevention (DLP) Solutions
24 Minutes

Course Introduction
Design a Data Loss Prevention Solution
DLP Transport Rules
Set Up Prebuilt Rules
Configure Custom Rules Process
Configure Custom Rules XML

Archiving and Message Records Management
1 Hour, 3 Minutes

Implementing Retention Tags Step by Step
Retention Policies
Configure the Managed Folder Assistant
PST Cons
Mailbox Archiving
Configure On-premises Mailbox Archiving – EAC & EMS
Online Archiving Office 365 and Hybrid
Create Archive Policies
Create Archive Policies and Plan for Archive Storage
Plan and Delegate RBAC Roles for eDiscovery
Perform a Query-based In-Place Hold
Design and Configure Journaling (Part 1)
Design and Configure Journaling (Part 2)
Integrate In-Place Federated Search with SharePoint

Design an Exchange Solution for an SLA
29 Minutes

Plan for Software Update Management
Service Level Agreement (Part 1)
Service Level Agreement (Part 2)
Exchange Workload Management
Manage Workload Policy Modifications
Manage Exchange User Throttling Policy (Part 1)
Manage Exchange User Throttling Policy (Part 2)
Monitor System Status

Practice: Configuring Archiving
2 Minutes

Exercise: Configure Archiving

Exchange 2016 Migration, Federation, and Sharing
Establish Coexistence with Exchange Online
34 Minutes

Course Introduction
What is a Hybrid Configuration?
Prerequisites for Hybrid Deployment
Deploy and Manage a Hybrid Configuration
Server Deploy Assist & Remote Connectivity Analyzer
Implement Password Synchronization
Plan & Configure Certificate & Firewall Requirements

Deploy and Manage Exchange Federation
29 Minutes

Microsoft Federation Gateways Overview
Create Federation Trust Screenshots
X.509 Requirements for Federation
Firewall Requirements for Federated Sharing
Manage Sharing Policies
Create a Sharing Policy via EAC
Edit a Default Sharing Policy via EAC
Manage Organization Relationships
Exercise: Certificate Requirements

On-premises Coexistence with Legacy Systems
22 Minutes

Plan Namespaces for Coexistence
Namespace Models - Office Online Server
Namespace Models - Regional Namespace
Supported Coexistence Scenarios
Configure Proxy Redirect
Plan Firewall Configuration for Coexistence

Migrate Legacy Exchange Servers
19 Minutes

Single and Multiphase Upgrade
Exchange 2016 Supported Upgrade Paths
Migrate Mailboxes
Cross-forest Move Using the EMS
Move the Exchange System Mailbox
Download the Migration Scripts

Practice: Namespace Models
4 Minutes

Exercise: Namespace Models Practical

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