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Inhoud van de cursus

ROUTE 2.0: IP Operations
Course: 57 Minutes

IP Operations
IP Operations Part

ROUTE 2.0: TCP and UDP Operations
Course: 57 Minutes

Explain TCP Operations
Describe UDP Operations

ROUTE 2.0: Point-to-Point Networking
Course: 1 Hour, 14 Minutes

Point-to-Point Protocol
Point-to-Point Protocol Part

ROUTE 2.0: IPv6 Addressing
Course: 1 Hour, 2 Minutes

IPv6 Addressing
IPv6 Addressing Part

ROUTE 2.0: IPv6 Addressing and DHCP
Course: 33 Minutes

IPv6 Addressing Part 3

ROUTE 2.0: Default Routes
Course: 28 Minutes

Default Routing

ROUTE 2.0: Administrative Distance and Passive Interfaces
Course: 59 Minutes

Administrative Distance (Best Path)
Using Passive Interfaces

ROUTE 2.0: Using VRF Lite
Course: 56 Minutes

VRF Lite
VRF Lite Part

ROUTE 2.0: Route Filtering
Course: 56 Minutes

Filtering Routes Using Distribute Lists
Filtering Routes Using Prefix Lists

ROUTE 2.0: Route Filtering for EIGRP, OSPF, and BGP
Course: 22 Minutes

Filtering Routes Part 3

ROUTE 2.0: Route Redistribution with RIP and EIGRP
Curse: 58 Minutes

Route Redistribution with RIP
Route Redistribution with EIGRP

ROUTE 2.0: Route Redistribution with OSPF
Course: 36 Minutes

Route Redistribution with OSPF

ROUTE 2.0: Router Summarization for RIP
Course: 34 Minutes

Route Summarization for RIP

ROUTE 2.0: Router Summarization for EIGRP and OSPF
Course: 55 Minutes

Route Summarization for EIGRP and OSPF
Route Summarization for OSPF

ROUTE 2.0: Routing Policies
Course: 1 Hour, 6 Minutes

Policy-Based Routing
Route Maps

ROUTE 2.0: OSPF Virtual Links and Paths
Course: 1 Hour, 3 Minutes

OSPF Virtual Links
Manipulating OSPF Paths

ROUTE 2.0: BGP Loopback and Propagation
Course: 1 Hour, 7 M

Configuring BGP Part 2
Configuring BGP Part 3

ROUTE 2.0: Multiprotocol BGP
Course: 23 Minutes

Configuring BGP Part 4

ROUTE 2.0: Introduction to Networking
Course: 1 Hour, 2 Minutes

Cisco IP Routing Exam Overview
Cisco Express Forwarding
General Network Challenges

ROUTE 2.0: Network Migration
Course: 21 Minutes

Understanding Network Changes

ROUTE 2.0: Frame Relay Operations
Course: 1 Hour, 16 Minutes

Frame Relay Operations
Frame Relay Operations Part 2
Frame Relay Operations Part 3

ROUTE 2.0: IPv4 Addressing Types
Course: 50 Minutes

IPv4 Addressing
IPv4 Addressing Part 2

ROUTE 2.0: IP Addressing and DHCP
Course: 53 Minutes

IPv4 Addressing Part 3
IPv4 Addressing Part 4

ROUTE 2.0: Static Routing
Course: 54 Minutes

Static Routing
Static Routing Part 2

ROUTE 2.0: Routing Protocol Types
Course: 51 Minutes

Routing Protocol Types
Routing Protocol Types Part 2

ROUTE 2.0: Loop Prevention Using Built-In Mechanisms
Course: 32 Minutes

Built-In Mechanisms for Loop Prevention

ROUTE 2.0: Loop Prevention Using Route Tags and Maps
Course: 48 Minutes

Loop Prevention Using Route Tags
Loop Prevention Using Route Maps

ROUTE 2.0: Routing Information Protocol
Course: 50 Minutes

RIPv2 Configuration
Describe RIPng

ROUTE 2.0: Introduction to EIGRP
Course: 53 Minutes

EIGRP Fundamentals
EIGRP Packet Types

Course: 1 Hour, 2 Minutes

EIGRP Dynamic and Static Neighbors
EIGRP Neighbors Bandwidth Utilization Part 2

ROUTE 2.0: EIGRP Authentication
Course: 22 Minutes

EIGRP Authentication

ROUTE 2.0: EIGRP Stubs
Course: 1 Hour, 2 Minutes

EIGRP Stubs Part 2

ROUTE 2.0: EIGRP Load Balancing and Metrics
Course: 52 Minutes

EIGRP Load Balancing

ROUTE 2.0: EIGRP Over IPv6
Course: 32 Minutes

ROUTE 2.0: OSPF Packet Types

EIGRP Metrics
Course: 34 Minutes

ROUTE 2.0: OSPF Configuration
Course: 57 Minutes

Basic OSPF Configuration
Basic OSPF Configuration Part 2

ROUTE 2.0: OSPF Network and LSA Types
Course: 1 Hour, 1 Minute

OSPF Network Types

ROUTE 2.0: OSPF Route Types
Course: 29 Minutes

OSPF Route Types

ROUTE 2.0: OSPF Area Types
Course: 1 Hour, 1 Minute

OSPF Area Types
OSPF Area Types Part 2

ROUTE 2.0: OSPF IPv6 Routing
Course: 25 Minutes

IPv6 Routing with OSPF

ROUTE 2.0: Border Gateway Protocol Introduction
Course: 1 Hour, 2 Minutes

Introduction to BGP
Configuring BGP

ROUTE 2.0: BGP Attributes
Course: 57 Minutes

BGP Attributes
BGP Attributes Part 2

ROUTE 2.0: Generic Routing Encapsulation Tunnels
Course: 54 Minutes

GRE Tunnels
GRE Tunnels Part 2

ROUTE 2.0: Dynamic Multipoint, Easy VPN, and Ipsec
Course: 1 Hour, 15 Minutes

Describe DMVPN
Easy Virtual Networking (EVN)
IPsec Tunnels

ROUTE 2.0: Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting
Course: 29 Minutes

AAA Configuration

ROUTE 2.0: Access Control
Course: 49 Minutes

Device Access Control
Device Access Control Part 2

ROUTE 2.0: Security Features
Course: 1 Hour, 3 Minutes

Router Security Features
Router Security Features Part 2

ROUTE 2.0: Device Management
Course: 51 Minutes

Device Management
Device Management Part 2

Course: 58 Minutes

SNMPv2 and SNMPv3
Configure and Verify NTP

ROUTE 2.0: Logging and Debugging
Course: 48 Minutes

Debugging and Logging
Debugging and Logging Part 2

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Duur van de cursus



Award Winning E-learning

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Heel Nederland, E-learning, Online

Algemene informatie over de cursus

The Training CISCO Exam 300-101 ROUTE through a Special Certification Package. 1 Year access to revolutionary E-learning to pass the exam Easily. Get Introduced by Learning through 1 Learning Portal (LMS) with Certified Teachers. Exclusive 24/7 Online Mentor and Challenging Course Testing and View behind the scenes all Tips & Tricks.
Always guaranteed the Official Test Exam and after the Training an Official Certificate of Participation. Optional Livelabs (extra charge).

Delivery time: Within 1 working day
Online access: Standard 12 months
Lesson duration: variable
Study load: Variable because of practical assignments.
Learning methods: Instruction video, Demonstration video, Knowledge Base
Operating systems: Microsoft Windows, Google Chrome OS, Apple MacOS
Included services: Contact with teacher by e-mail and chat, Progress report, 24/7 online access
Supported browsers: Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Safari en Chrome
Certification: Possible for corresponding exam number
Access to teacher: By e-mail and chat
Extra options: Virtual Labs (if available)

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