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format currency, percentage and phone numbers with data values
change your text format by addingmodifying a text elements appearance
custom format datestimes with worksheet data
create custom color formatting for data entries
apply conditional custom formatting to data values
create conditional format rules to enhance your data values display
use conditional formatting to highlight data in cells, rows and columns
use conditional formatting tools to analyze your data further
use advanced conditional formatting tools to find duplicate valueshide values
organize conditional formatting rules applied to a worksheet
Excel 2019: Finding & Grouping Data
Course: 35 Minutes
Expertise Level: Intermediate

Excel 2019 includes a number of methods for locating, displaying and manipulating data entries. Learn how to work with specific data using the Find and Replace tools, and manipulate data with the Group and Outline tools.

use the Find tools to jump to locations in a worksheet and find items with basic search queries
use the advanced Find tools to customize and refine search queries
use the Selection tools to locate and select graphical objects in a worksheet
use the Replace tools to replace cell contents and formats
use the Find and Replace tools when working specifically with formulas
use the Freeze tools to change the view settings within a worksheet
group rows and columns in a worksheet and control their display
use the Group tools to create Outlines in a worksheet
Excel 2019: Sorting & Filtering Data
Course: 38 Minutes
Expertise Level: Intermediate

The first step in analyzing the data in a worksheet is often with Excel's sorting and filtering tools. These tools help you to control what is displayed in your data range, and how the values are organized. See how to perform basic and more advanced sort operations, filter data using the Filter and column header tools, and manage color-tagged and duplicate entries.

sort data in a worksheet according to a specific data type
customize sort options when sorting data in a worksheet
sort data using multiple criteria and sort levels
create and use custom sort lists to sort data
use column filters to filter data in a worksheet
use column filters to apply multiple filters to data in a worksheet
create filter arguments using text and number data types
sort and filter data using colors applied to data
use the advanced filter tools to filter and extract data
use filter tools to hide duplicate values in a data range
Excel 2019: Referencing Data
Course: 44 Minutes
Expertise Level: Intermediate

Many times, you will use a cell value in a formulaanother location. Discover absolute and relative cell references, using data across multiple worksheets, and formula auditing in Excel 2019.

reference cells in your Excel worksheet
use data across multiple worksheets to reference data for formulas
define absolute and relative cell references
name data ranges to refer to date and facilitate calculations
use the Name Manager to visualize, edit, and delete existing named ranges
perform calculations using constant values
use cell references indirectly
monitor data entries for changes and errors
activate and configure automatic updates
use formula auditing tools to track data
Excel 2019: Forecasting & Solving Problems
Course: 33 Minutes
Expertise Level: Intermediate

Go further with you Excel document through understanding potential formula errors, use intelligent data types, set goals to reach targets as well as problem solve with the solver and Forecast tools offered by Excel 2019.

identify formula errors
check for and evaluate formulas in a workbook
use formulas to estimate loan-related costs
use the Goal Seek tool to modify a data variable and reach a target value
use the Solver add-in to analyze constraints and variables and optimize data values
insert a Forecast worksheet to display trends and predictions based on available historic data
use Data Tables to create what if, variable-based scenarios
Excel 2019: Creating Charts & Graphics
Course: 35 Minutes
Expertise Level: Intermediate

Analyze and present your data in a visually attractive manner in Excel 2019. Learn how to insert and customize charts, create chart templates, work with different chart types, and use trendlines.

insert, edit and remove charts
customize chart labels
format a chart
customize chart elements
customize chart axes
create a chart template
present negative values in a chart
insert trendlines
customize trendlines
Excel 2019: Working with Different Chart Styles
Course: 24 Minutes
Expertise Level: Expert
Excel offers a huge variety of different chart types and styles for presenting and analyzing your data in attractive and interesting ways. Learn how to insert, format, and manipulate Pie, Radar, Scatter, Bubble, Map, and Combo charts.

insert and edit a Pie chart
create and edit a Scatter chart
create and edit a bubble chart
create and edit a radar chart
combine two types of chart using the Combo chart
create and edit a Map chart
Excel 2019: Working with Excel Tables
Course: 19 Minutes
Expertise Level: Expert
Excel tables are a useful tool for quickly managing, analyzing, and manipulating data in a range. Once configured as a table, you can easily sort, filter, and perform calculations on your data as well as change its appearance and formatting.

convert a data range into an Excel table and edits its contents
perform calculations and manipulate data in an Excel table
use the formatting tools and styles to change the appearance of a table
customize the table settings and tools
use slicers to filter data in an Excel table
resize and format a slicer
Excel 2019: Inserting PivotTables
Course: 32 Minutes
Expertise Level: Expert
Excel includes powerful tools to summarize, sort, count, and chart data. Learn how to create, edit, and format PivotTables, sort, filter, and group data, and work with slicers and timelines.

insert a PivotTable
edit the source data and field setup in a PivotTable
use predefined styles and formatting tools to change the appearance of a PivotTable
copy and move a PivotTable within a workbook
use sort tools to change the display of data in a PivotTable
use filter tools to show and hide data in a PivotTable
use label and value filters to analyze data in a PivotTable
use group tools to sort and analyze related data in a PivotTable
use a Slicer to filter data in a PivotTable
customize the behavior and appearance of a Slicer
customize the behavior and appearance of a Slicer
Excel 2019: Using Conditional Formulas
Course: 39 Minutes
Expertise Level: Expert
Conditional formulas let you perform a calculation on a range of values by specifying the criteria the data must meet. Discover how to use built-in conditional formulas and create your own.

inserting a conditional sum formula
inserting a conditional message formula
performing complex conditional formulas
creating multiple conditions
using IF &in conditional formulas
using conditional formulas to count up value occurrences
using reference positions in conditional formulas
keeping your table up to date with conditional formulas
Excel 2019: Finding & Analyzing Information with Formulas
Course: 35 Minutes
Expertise Level: Expert
There is a wide variety of tools that can be used to retrieve, return, and calculate data in Excel. See how to retrieve date information and rank values, retrieve, combine and separate data that is already available, and automate and simplify calculations using look-up tools and SUMPRODUCT.

Excel 2019: Finding & Analyzing Information with Formulas

extract date values and perform calculations using dates
retrieve information relating to dates in the past, present, and future
use ranking formulas to find smallest and largest values in a list
extract data and separate values into separate cells in Excel
combine existing data values in a single cell in Excel
analyze complex tables with multiple arrays to obtain a summarized result
use the VLOOKUP and HLOOKUP formulas to cross-reference data lists and check for missing values
use conditional formulas to perform a search across multiple tables and automatically insert data
use the VLOOKUP formula to cross-reference data lists and retrieve corresponding values
Excel 2019: Configuring Options & Settings
Course: 32 Minutes
Expertise Level: Expert

Managing your account & connected services
Installing & managing add-ins
Creating & managing custom templates
Configuring user & input behavior
Configuring your default formula options
Customizing your document default settings
Customizing your save options
Customizing your interface
Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar
Customizing the ribbon

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Bestel deze geweldige, bekroonde Excel 2019 Gevorderd Expert e-learning cursus online, 1 jaar 24/7 toegang tot uitgebreide interactieve video's, toespraken, praktische taken en voortgangsbewaking. Na de cursus ontvang je een certificaat van deelname.

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