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Inhoud van de cursus

start the course
install R in Microsoft Windows
install the RStudio IDE
navigate the R Console within the RStudio IDE
use the syntax for if-else, operators, loops, and the apply function in R
create and manipulate basic data types including numeric and string variables
use the vector and matrix types in R
install and use packages from the Comprehensive R Archive Network (CRAN)
create reusable user-defined functions in R
use the random number generator in R to generate single random numbers, random samples, and other random variates using the norm and binom functions

use traceback and debug to track down errors in your R code
use the browser and recover functions to find bugs in R
Data Handling

read input and format output using the Console in R
import data from a CSV file in R
import data from an Excel spreadsheet in R
handle missingunknown values in data problems in R
use the built-in examples to understand R functions
Basic Statistics

use the mean function in R
use the median function in R
use the mode function in R
use R to measure the spread and dispersion in a dataset
use R to measure the median absolute deviation
use R to measure covariance and correlation between two different datasets
use the R table function to cross tabulate data
Visualizing Data

use R to create pie charts from datasets
use R to create bar plots from datasets
use R to create box plots from datasets
use R to create histograms from datasets
use R to create line plots from datasets
use R to create scatter plots from datasets
use R to export graphics such as charts and plots for use in other software
Practice: Introduction to R Programming

understand the basics of the R statistical programming language

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Duur van de cursus

3 uur


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