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Course content:
Organizing and managing a successful hotel
Hotel sector structure
Putting a successful team together
Motivating your staff
Ensuring that all departments and employees function efficiently
Conducting quality control
Networking. Finding suppliers and business partners
Budget management
Handling confidential information
Opening your own hotel or guesthouse

Knowledge of secrets of hotel management makes you an invaluable asset
Ability to coordinate well with your team makes you a capable leader
Confidence to handle budgets and suppliers guarantees a smooth workflow
Skill to create and follow task plans means you can keep efficiency high

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6 maand

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Lesgeld/cursuskosten: EUR 249


You can get started as soon as you complete your registration. The digital course will immediately become available on your profile page. We'll post the paper version promptly, and you?ll receive the special delivery as soon as possible at your designated address. The flexible nature of a home course gives you the freedom to study wherever and whenever you want. For a full year, you?ll receive exclusive guidance from your teacher. This means exclusive exercises, regular

After completing the course, you take a theoretical exam at one of our exam locations. You choose your own exam time. Do you score at least 60%? Bravo, you passed! You will receive the diploma Hotel Management by post. With this diploma you are immediately employable on the labor market as Hotel Manager. If you want to start as a self-employed person in primary or secondary occupation, it is also useful to also do the home study Start your own business to follow. That

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The driving force behind a good hotel is a capable Hotel Manager. And you?re here because you?re eager to be that force. We help you get there.

Let?s get started.

This home course givew you a peek behind the curtain of the hospitality business. Learn how to successfully manage an industrial kitchen, as well as recruit and supervise staff. We teach you to manage budgets, maintain business records and confidently handle customers.

Ready to begin? Sign up, start learning, and conquer the world of Hotel Management!

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