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Course content:
Skin and hair types
Hair and scalp treatment: washing and conditioning
Face shapes: from oval to triangular
Working with scissors
Working with razors
Working with trimmers
Working with combs and brushes
Other materials and equipment
Product knowledge: from sprays and creams to waxes and gels
Cutting and shaving techniques
Classic barber cuts: the pompadour, french crop, buzzcut and quiff
Welcoming and advising clients
Attracting and

You recognize and distinguish different face shapes, hair structures and hair types.
You understand what clients really want and give them the haircut theyŽre dreaming of.
You handle combs, scissors and trimmers as if they were an extension of your own hand.
You always work in a hygienic and safe manner.
You deliver a picture-perfect haircut for every face shape and every hair type.
More than just a haircut? You treat customers to a relaxing and refreshing

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Duur van de cursus

45 uur

Kosten van de cursus

Lesgeld/cursuskosten: EUR 990


This group course consists of 15 lessons. These hands-on and practice-oriented lessons are taught by a seasoned professional and independent entrepreneur with tons of real-life experience. Step by step, week by week, youŽll actively master new skills and acquire new insights. Each lesson builds on the knowledge gained during the previous class.

Each lesson takes place on the same day of the week and in the same classroom. You can find the various starting dates and locations

Ready to put your knowledge to the test? During the last class of your course, you can take a voluntary exam. Did you score at least 60%? Congratulations! You passed the exam. WeŽll send you the diploma Hairstyling for Men by mail. Add this valuable diploma to your resume and youŽre all set to become an independent entrepreneur, find a new job or finally get that promotion youŽve been waiting for!

If you do not wish to take the voluntary exam, youŽll receive a certificate

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Algemene informatie over de cursus

Clothes make the man, but a haircut completes him. Are your hands made for shaping and styling haircuts to the point of perfection? Would you like to amaze male customers with trendy haircuts like the pompadour, quiff, French crop or fade buzz cut? Enroll in this course today to become a master barber!

This course is perfect for any (future) hairstylist who wants to specialize in male grooming and seeks to add an in-demand service to his or her professional toolbox. In our hands-on classes, an experienced barber will teach you all the tricks of the trade. Step by step, youŽll learn to razor, trim, cut, thin, comb and detail various hairstyles. Beckham or Timberlake? After this course, youŽll be able to satisfy every customer.

Sign up now, roll up your sleeves and sharpen those scissors!

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