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Course content:
The history of America
The constitution, civil rights, second amendment
Federalism, democracy, checks & balances
American culture and values
Media, news and press freedom in the US
Racial and ethnic diversity in the US
America worldwide

You will be able to talk passionately about the Civil War, Roosevelt's New Deal and the Watergate scandal
You will know everything about the hot issues of American politics such as the arms law, immigration and ethnic diversity
You will have more insight into American culture and the most important norms and values ??of the US

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6 maand

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Lesgeld/cursuskosten: EUR 199


You can get started immediately after your registration! The digital course will be on your profile page within the minute. The paper version will be posted immediately and you will receive it as soon as possible at home. With this home course you will discover everything about the politics, culture and history of the United States. Thanks to the flexibility of a home study, you study all this whenever and wherever you want. You also receive a year-long guidance from a

After completing the course, you take the exam at one of our exam locations. You choose your own exam time. Do you score at least 60%? Bravo, you passed! You will receive the diploma American Studies by post. This diploma is undoubtedly the start of a lifelong fascination for the history and culture of the United States. A wonderful journey of discovery that never ends!

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Algemene informatie over de cursus

Whether you turn on the TV, open the newspaper or surf the Internet, chances are that you will be confronted with American content. America is and remains one of the most important international players in the political, economic and cultural fields. It is therefore worthwhile to delve further into the culture and history of the US.

In this course, you will learn more about American history, politics and culture. You will earn everything about the Civil War, the Jazz Age and the New Deal. You will become acquainted with the system of Checks & Balances, the Constitution and will discover why the Second Amendment is so controversial. In addition, you gain more insight into the importance of media, sports and Hollywood within American culture.

Would you like to know everything about the American Dream? Register quickly for this course and 'Make your future great again'!

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