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Course content:
Devices and aids in the pharmacy
Basic operations in the pharmacy
Documents, literature and registrations
Working hygienically and safely
Pharmaceutical counts
Tablets and capsules
Liquid and semi-solid dosage forms
Rectal and vaginal dosage forms

All the necessities in a pharmacy? You know them by heart!
You make the right calculations based on a prescription
You know how to make tablets, capsules and liquid medicines

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3 maand

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Lesgeld/cursuskosten: EUR 199


Registered? Here we go! The digital course will appear on the online student platform 1 minute after your registration. We send the paper version directly to the post. So keep an eye on your letterbox. When you have received the course, the real work begins: studying. You do that wherever and whenever you want. Entirely in your own way and at your own pace. In the evening in the seat on your iPad? Quickly on the bus from your smartphone? Or would you prefer to relax

If you know the subject matter well, take your exam at the Examination Board. You plan this exam via the EC platform of the Examination Board. Take your ID and a blue or black ballpoint pen with you. Do you score more than 50% on your exam? Congratulations, then you are definitively relieved of this course and you are again one step closer to your high school diploma.

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Is your high school diploma almost within, outside the field of Pharmaceutical Technology? Then we help you to pass the Examination Committee exam quickly. We make it easy for you!

You save time thanks to our ready-made course. It is fully and completely up-to-date with the latest trade information sheets. So you don't have to search for material yourself and you only learn the things you really need to know for the exam. You also learn more quickly thanks to personal online guidance from a real top coach. This way you will be ready for your exam in no time!

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