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Opleiding: Next Small Business (Strategy and Branding) (Bedrijfsopleiding - Den Haag / Online)

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BrandingBrands surround us in our everyday lives. People may judge others by their brand of car, their brand of clothes or the brand of drinks they consume. Brands can help give people identity and image. Because of this, marketing is often brand driven, with the objective of establishing a product (good or service) with a separate identity in consumers? minds, making the product desirable, wanted and even needed. Messages are carefully crafted to build customer views and expectations of the products associated with the brand.Constant advances in digital-based processes and systems, and changes in customer behaviour and their use of social media, present a challenge for businesses who work to maintain, develop or reinforce their brand identity. Businesses invest a huge amount of effort and resources to ensure that the customer recognises and responds to their brand identity in the right way.In this unit, you will consider the ways in which businesses use branding to achieve their marketing objectives and business aims. You will explore the ways in which branding influences the marketing mix and how brand-strategy recommendations are developed according to market needs.


6 dag


Lesgeld/cursuskosten: EUR 950
Studiemateriaal: EUR 50

Plaatsen / leslocaties

Den Haag

Beroepsbeeld: waar werk je en wat doe je?

As an entrepreneur you have to stay sharp, keep an eye out for what is happening in the market and anticipate in good time. Yet you are ruled by the issues of the day and you notice that you have no time at all for a moment of self-reflection. That is why this course focuses on the strategy of the company and how you communicate this with your customers (branding).

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