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Algemene informatie over de cursus

The ISTQB certification for Foundation Level Extension - Agile Tester is designed for professionals who are working within Agile environments. The certification is also meant for professionals who are planning to start implementing Agile methods in the near future, or are working within companies that plan to do so, The certification provides an advantage for those who would like to know the required Agile activities, roles, methods, and methodologies specific to their role.

Course outcomes

Certified agile testers should be able to demonstrate their skills in the following areas:

  • the fundamentals of Agile software development;
  • the different agile approaches;
  • the Differences between testing in traditional and Agile approaches;
  • testing in Agile projects;
  • roles and skills of a tester in Agile projects;
  • Agile testing techniques and methods;
  • assess product quality risks within an Agile project;
  • estimate testing effort based on iteration content and quality risks;
  • tools in Agile projects.


Similar to the Foundation Level Certification exam, the Agile Tester Certification exam will comprise of 40 multiple choice questions, with a pass mark of 65% to be completed within 60 minutes. Participants that take the exam not in their spoken language, will receive additional 25% time, for a total of 75 minutes. The exam fees are included.

  • Module: Foundation Level Agile Tester
  • Number of questions: 40
  • Exam length (minutes): 60


The Foundation Level Extension - Agile Tester qualification is aimed at four main groups of professionals: - professionals who have achieved in-depth testing experience in traditional methods and would like to get an Agile Tester certificate; - junior professional testers who are just starting in the testing profession, have received the Foundation Level certificate, and would like to know more about the tester's role in an Agile environment; - professionals who are relatively new to testing and are required to implement test approaches, methods and techniques in their day to day job in Agile projects; - professionals who are experienced in their role (including unit testing) and need more understanding and knowledge about how to perform and manage testing on all levels in Agile projects; - these professionals include people who are in roles such as testers, test analysts, test engineers, test consultants, test managers, user acceptance testers and software developers.

This Foundation Level Extension - Agile Tester certification may also be appropriate for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of software testing in the Agile world, such as project managers, quality managers, software development managers, business analysts, IT directors, and management consultants.


To be able to participate in a Foundation Level Extension - Agile Tester exam, candidates must have obtained the ISTQB Foundation Level certificate: ISTQB-CTFL, ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL) + exam.


The duration of the course is tow days.


The maximum number of participants is twelph persons.


This course prepares for the ISTQB Foundation Agile Tester Certification. The exam fees are included.

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