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Embark on a transformative journey through the world of Power BI with our comprehensive training program Mastering Power BI (via e-learning). Over four tracks, participants will master the essentials of data loading, visualization, and report creation in Power BI Desktop, before delving into the collaborative Power BI Service and the robust capabilities of Power Query.

The exploration extends into advanced topics, covering administration, security, real-time data, and performance optimization. Finally, participants will immerse themselves in the cutting-edge realm of Power BI Artificial Intelligence, gaining expertise in generating data insights, building machine learning models, and utilizing specialized AI charts.

This training ensures a well-rounded proficiency in harnessing Power BI's capabilities for insightful data representation, collaborative workspaces, advanced administration, and the integration of artificial intelligence for data-driven decision-making.

Track 1: From Data Loading to Stunning Visualizations

Embark on a comprehensive journey through the core fundamentals of Power BI with the ‘Data Loading and Visualization’ track. This track begins with an exploration of the Power BI Desktop, covering installation procedures and providing an overview of its functionalities. Participants will delve into creating impactful reports within Power BI Desktop, mastering basic visualizations such as tables, charts, and maps. As the learning progresses, the focus shifts to advanced aspects of data modeling, introducing calculated columns, measures, relationships, and hierarchies for a nuanced understanding of data manipulation.

The track navigates through diverse data sources, including Excel, SQL Server, and web-based and cloud-based data, equipping participants with versatile skills. Elevating the visualization game, participants will explore advanced techniques such as Sankey diagrams, Gantt charts, custom visualizations, and the incorporation of images and shapes, ensuring a well-rounded expertise in leveraging Power BI for insightful data representation.

Track 2: Mastering Power BI Service and Power Query

Delve into the collaborative and transformative capabilities of Power BI with the ‘Power BI Service and Power Query’ track. This learning begins with a comprehensive overview of the Power BI service, emphasizing sharing, collaboration, and the deployment of reports to the cloud. Participants will explore the intricacies of creating dynamic dashboards within the Power BI service, mastering the art of building dashboards, adding tiles, and incorporating drill-throughs and drill-downs.

The track then shifts focus to Power Query, empowering participants with the skills to transform and clean data efficiently, merge and combine datasets seamlessly, and pivot and unpivot data for enhanced analytics. As the learning unfolds, participants will gain insights into creating dashboards and reports tailored for mobile devices, optimizing the Power BI experience on the go. Throughout the track, an emphasis on sharing workspaces, monitoring usage metrics, and managing mobile content ensures a comprehensive understanding of the collaborative and mobile facets of Power BI.

Track 3: Advanced Strategies for Administration, Security, and Performance

Embark on an intensive exploration of advanced Power BI functionalities with the ''Advanced Topics in Power BI'' track. This track begins by unraveling the intricacies of administration and security, covering roles, access management, data gateways, data protection, and data loss prevention. Participants will gain mastery over implementing row-level and object-level security, ensuring a robust and controlled data environment. The learning then shifts gears into the realm of real-time data and performance optimization, guiding participants on connecting to streaming data sources and leveraging automatic refresh and alerting mechanisms.

The track delves deep into the art of optimizing report and dashboard performance through techniques such as caching and minimizing data transfers, equipping participants with the skills to ensure a seamless and responsive Power BI experience. Throughout this advanced track, a focus on cutting-edge topics elevates participants' proficiency, making them adept in handling the complexities of Power BI administration, security, and performance optimization.

Track 4: Empowering Your Data Insights: Unleashing AI in Power BI

Embark on an immersive journey into the realm of artificial intelligence within Power BI with the ''Power BI Artificial Intelligence'' track. This exploration encompasses various facets of AI, starting with the ability to automatically generate data insights on datasets and visualize them on dashboards. Participants will learn to interpret fluctuations in visuals and discover distribution variations using AI insights.

The track then transitions into the realm of machine learning, guiding participants through the process of creating and training machine learning models, assessing model performance, and integrating Azure Machine Learning models seamlessly into Power BI. Specialized charts designed for AI tasks, including anomaly detection, sentiment analysis, decomposition tree visuals, key influencers visualizations, and smart narrative summaries, offer participants a comprehensive toolkit. The learning concludes with a focus on natural language interaction, empowering participants to explore data seamlessly using Power BI Q&A and creating Q&A visuals within reports. This track

ensures participants are well-versed in leveraging artificial intelligence to extract meaningful insights and drive informed decision-making within Power BI.

Package Includes:

  • access to the e-learning modules for 12 months.


This cours is intended for everyone who wants to learn more about Power BI.


There is no foreknowledge required.


The course concerns self-study. You determine the study duration yourself. You have access to the training for one year.


The maximum amount of participants is twelve candidates.


After the course you receive a certificate.

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