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Once you grasp the taste of Linux/Unix systems, the desire will come to do more than just lining up a sequence of commands. Scripting is the next step to go. The shell is a command interpreter: your personal butler in the system. But it also is a full blown programming language, that allows entirely new commands to be constructed. Therefore, this shell programming language is a key ingredient of this course.

Apart from the shell, two more programmable utility programs will be covered. First the stream editor sed, capable of editing textual data as they flow by in a batch-like data pipe line. Then the programmable report generator awk, that allows for very complex operations on textual data, including the production of well-formatted output reports.

A few more smaller utility programs are part of the course Shell Scripting Fundamentals | Engelstalig as well.

Course attendees receive the following documentation:

  • a student pack with copies of the presentations, lab exercises, answers to the exercises, and background informationp;
  • a reference card with frequently used options of most Linux/Unix commands;
  • shortly after the course the student will receive a certificate as a proof of participation.


  • This course teaches the scripting facilities of the Unix shells ksh and bash, the batch-editor sed and the report generating language awk.

All course materials and lunch are included in the course.

This course is also available in Dutch.

The course is meant for users of Linux and Unix systems interested in the shell scripting facilities and the manipulation of text data files.


Basic knowledge of the Linux/Unix user level command repertoire, and some experience in using these commands. Knowledge of the I/O redirection mechanisms, file path naming conventions, and the file name wild card notation. Basic knowledge of the regular expression language. This prerequisite knowledge can be obtained via our Linux/Umix Fundamentals course. Some practice in programming techniques is recommended.


The duration of this training is three days.


The maximum group size is twelve people.


After completing this course you will receive a certificate.

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