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This two day course is identical to the 1-day course. However this course lasts two days because of the hands-on parts. This course will prepare students for the same exam AZ-900!

This course will provide foundational level knowledge on Azure concepts; core Azure services; core solutions and management tools; general security and network security; governance, privacy, and compliance features; Azure cost management and service level agreements.

This course does provide an Azure pass or time in the classroom for students to do any hands-on activities.

Course outcomes:

  • discuss the basics of cloud computing and Azure, and how to get started with Azure’s subscriptions and accounts;
  • describe the advantages of using cloud computing services, learning to differentiate between the categories and types of cloud computing, and how to examine the various concepts, resources, and terminology that are necessary to work with Azure architecture;
  • outline the core services available with Microsoft Azure.
  • discuss the core solutions that encompass a wide array of tools and services from Microsoft Azure.
  • describe the general security and network security features, and how you can use the various Azure services to help ensure that your cloud resources are safe, secure, and trusted.
  • discuss the identity, governance, privacy, and compliance features, and how Azure can help you secure access to cloud resources, what it means to build a cloud governance strategy, and how Azure adheres to common regulatory and compliance standards.
  • discuss the factors that influence cost, tools you can use to help estimate and manage your cloud spend, and how Azure’s service-level agreements (SLAs) can impact your application design decisions.

This twoday course is a fundamentals course with hands-on. The oneday course does not provide an Azure pass or time in the classroom for students to do any hands-on activities. Please change to the oneday course AZ-900 snelcursus for more information.


This course is suitable for program managers and technical sales, with a general IT background. These students want to learn about our offerings, see how components are implemented, and ask questions about products and features.


There are no pre-requisites for taking this course. Technical IT experience is not required however some general IT knowledge or experience would be beneficial.


The course lasts two days.


The maximum amount of participants is twelve persons.


After the course you can participate in the exam. The exam fees are not included.

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