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The course Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst | PL-300 will discuss the various methods and best practices that are in line with business and technical requirements for modeling, visualizing, and analyzing data with Power BI. The course will also show how to access and process data from a range of data sources including both relational and non-relational data.

The course will also explore how to implement proper security standards and policies across the Power BI spectrum including datasets and groups. The course will also discuss how to manage and deploy reports and dashboards for sharing and content distribution. Finally, the course will show how to build paginated reports within the Power BI service and publish them to a workspace for inclusion within Power BI.

Learning goals:

  • ingest, clean, and transform data;
  • model data for performance and scalability;
  • design and create reports for data analysis;
  • apply and perform advanced report analytics;
  • manage and share report assets;
  • create paginated reports in Power BI.


The audience for this course are data professionals and business intelligence professionals who want to learn how to accurately perform data analysis using Power BI. This course is also targeted toward those individuals who develop reports that visualize data from the data platform technologies that exist on both in the cloud and on-premises.


Prerequired knowledge: - understanding core data concepts; - knowledge of working with relational data in the cloud.; - knowledge of working with non-relational data in the cloud; - knowledge of data analysis and visualization concepts. You can gain the prerequisites and a better understanding of working with data in Azure.


This course lasts three days.


The size of the group is a maximum of twelve candidates.


This course will help to prepare for exam PL-300. The exam fees amount € 205,00 and are not included.

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